About PEO

Poverty Elimination Organization-PEO is a non-political, non-profitable, voluntary, non-government organization. It is established in 1993 and located at Porabaree Bazar in the district of Gazipur, which is nearest of the capital city Dhaka. The organization has been working diligently for the hard core poor who are by passed by the Govt. or NGO development intervention. The goal of this organization is a society where people can live in harmony with nature and enjoy a fruitful and abundant life. In addition it is working for improving human capital of the socially, economically and culturally vulnerable communities to access institutional resources and realize their quality of life aspirations. The organization has been trying to identify the local peoples common problem which their facing since decades. The organizations find out the following issues that affect the sector like lack of access to institutional resources, lack of awareness about their citizen rights of the country, lack of education and lack of bargaining power. Removing this above problem this organization have taken some long-term program objectives like A) Human Capital Improvement through critical awareness raising and through Basic literacy and functional education, B) Promotion of knowledge, attitude and practice, C) Income and employment creation through alternative credit. Among various other capacity building initiatives PEO regularly organize Experience Sharing Meeting (ESMs), Round Table Conference (RTC) and village based non formal educations through which people getting proper idea about local resource mobilization, Good governance and transparency. Among challenges which confront our people now, poverty alleviation to be one of the list. So we appreciate receiving co-operation and support of our valued members and organization.